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ТОО «Охранное Агентство КВШ-82» осуществляет свою деятельность в соответствии с законодательством Республики Казахстан на основании государственной лицензии № 000484 от 06 октября 2008 года занятие всеми видами охранных услуг на всей территории Казахстана без ограничения срока действия. .
Security Agency RBIB 82" carries out its activities in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of the state license number 000484 on October 6, 2008 occupation of all kinds of security services on the territory of Kazakhstan for an indefinite term.
  The agency provides professional services for the protection of life, health and property of individuals, as well as corporate property from illegal encroachments. The Company operates in full compliance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  The mission of our security agency: do daily lives and businesses of our customers safer. Our goal - to understand the problem and provide the best solutions to each client to provide him with maximum peace of mind.

  During the work, the Agency has gained much practical experience in the organization of protection of various facilities such as government offices, industrial plants, warehouses, apartment complexes, cottage villages, offices, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, and safety during mass event.

  Collective agency formed from former knowledgeable law enforcement, armed forces, as well as those with extensive professional experience in the provision of security services with weapons and self-defense techniques.

  Evaluation criterion in the selection of security guards to work as are the availability of special training, the necessary experience and skills, moral and professional qualities of candidates. All agency employees are trained and annual retraining in specialized training centers and have the skills, confirmed by the relevant certificates and permits to carry and use weapons and special equipment used in security activities in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On security activities." All personnel performing housekeeping tasks, have the contract of compulsory insurance against accidents while performing their official duties.

  The ability to quickly assess the situation and predict its eventual outcome, independently take appropriate, legal action - that level of quality training.

  Security officers are provided with a uniform single sample with the company logo and equipped with special tools. For rapid communication with the part of the duty station and used mobile phones. On multistation facilities are equipped with guards inside - site-talkies for rapid communication among themselves. For each object is assigned the security chief object and changing senior organizing and supervising the work of personnel. All items are checked by inspectors around the clock, and if necessary, leaves a rapid response team (RRT). Guards objects while working hourly report back on the situation in the protected object operational duty, which allows operation to monitor the actions of the security personnel and the situation on the protected object. Clock duty operations group allows continuous monitoring and management of the duty shift, as well as to take timely action in case of emergencies.

Principles of operation

  •  individual approach to each client;
  •  loyalty to the interests of the client and its preservation of trade secrets;
  •  responsibility for their commitments;
  •  high technical equipment;
  •  objective rates for services rendered.

    To ensure the protection of the stationary object in the Agency provided and worked out several ways and methods to ensure the protection, safety and security at the site, namely:

  •  physical protection of facilities and adjacent areas by putting a stationary guard post (trained, equipped security officer);
  •  mobile guard post (under the contract and the applicable laws of RK);
  •  establish electronic systems access to the facility;
  •  installation of audio and video;
  •  installation of security and fire alarm systems;
  •  control the order of service employees of the Agency.

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