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ТОО «Охранное Агентство КВШ-82» осуществляет свою деятельность в соответствии с законодательством Республики Казахстан на основании государственной лицензии № 000484 от 06 октября 2008 года занятие всеми видами охранных услуг на всей территории Казахстана без ограничения срока действия. .

The spectrum of our services:

  •  Protection of business centers and offices;

  •  Protection of industrial and commercial complexes, bases and warehouses;

  •  Protection of shopping centers, shops;

  •  Protection of construction sites, factories, businesses, parking lots, commercial premises;

  •  Protection of residential complexes;

  •  Provision of measures to protect the information and to identify its channel leakage.
  •  Providing order and intra-mode of the object, the keeping of inventories, check mode.
  •  Warning of illegal acts, theft, embezzlement, not sanctioned intrusion on the subject.
  •  Ensuring the safety of staff, visitors, residents and clients.

  In formulating proposals for the protection of facilities and the cost of services we take into account a number of factors:

   -spetsifika of the company
   -mestonahozhdenie object
   -mode operation
   is the number of guard posts
   -pozhelaniya client.

A flexible system of discounts and individual approach to each client can determine the cost of services for each individual object, given the same features of the business and the personal preferences of the client. We insure its liability to the Customer, as well as the life and health of our employees.

The principle of our company - professionalism, reliability, honesty, responsibility.